Formas De Future Continuous

Uso "Will"

will be waiting.will not be waiting.Will I be waiting?
You will be waiting.You will not be waiting.Will you be waiting?
We will be waiting.We will not be waiting.Will we be waiting?
They will be waiting.They will not be waiting.Will they be waiting?
He will be waiting.He will not be waiting.Will he be waiting?
She will be waiting.She will not be waiting.Will she be waiting?
It will be waiting.It will not be waiting.Will it be waiting?

Uso "Be Going To"

am going to be not going to be waiting.Am I going to be waiting?
You are going to be waiting.You are not going to be waiting.Are you going to be waiting?
We are going to be waiting.We are not going to be waiting.Are we going to be waiting?
They are going to be waiting.They are not going to be waiting.Are they going to be waiting?
He is going to be waitingHe is not going to be waiting.Is he going to be waiting?
She is going to be waiting.She is not going to be waiting.Is she going to be waiting?
It is going to be waiting.It is not going to be waiting.Is it going to be waiting?